Basic information:

Swing our production made with the great care of high quality materials. The swing has seat belts, a security against folding the swing up and seats.

Description of the functions of swing:

  • folded swing,
  • head section with soft pillow,
  • covering of barrier detachable by zip which    facilitates maintenance of swing in a clean state,
  • regulated angle of inclination of backrest with    possibility of blockade,

Technical data:

  • gauge dimensions of stroller/pram: 77 cm x 107 cm    x 115 cm, 
  • width/depth of seat capacity: 32 cm/27 cm,
  • height of backing: 38 cm,
  • dimensions after folding: 77 cm x 20 cm x 112 cm,
  • weight: 7,5 kg,