Twin strollers/prams  /  Duette



  • frame of stroller/pram with wheels and basket,
  • 2 carrycots with fixed bottom,
  • footcover,
  • bag.

Description of the functions of stroller/pram:

  • suspension on suspension arms,
  • simple and fast way of assembling the frame body,
  • two independently operating backrest and footrest,
  • two fixed carrycots,
  • footcover,
  • regulation of height of handle,
  • large bag attached to the handle of the    stroller/pram,
  • stroller version may be fixed at the front or back of    the direction of walking,
  • four-degree regulation of backrest and footrest in    the stroller,
  • five-point safety belt,
  • metal basket for shopping,
  • foamed or air-pumped wheels with metal wheel    rims,


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