Twin strollers/prams  /  Duo Sport

Duo Sport

Description of the functions of stroller/pram:

  • light, reversible aluminium and steel construction,
  • covering with the highest quality fabrics with an    attractive appearance and various colours,
  • large range of shock absorption (possibility of    regulation)
  • possibility of regulating the height of the handle,
  • possibility of regulating the softness of the    stroller/pram,
  • possibility of regulating the backrest of the seat in    four positions,
  • air-pumped tyres with ball-bearings, two of them    torsional with possibility of blockade,
  • reflectory elements of the pram body with the    function of a cradle,
  • sporting hood for stroller,
  • large comfortable basket for necessary things,
  • modern system of braking (connecting brake),
  • backrest inside the pram body comes with    regulation of the angle of inclination.

Technical data:

  • weight of stroller/pram: 14 kg,
  • height: 130 cm,
  • length: 66 cm,
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