Celia Premium




  • frame of stroller/pram with wheels and basket,
  • pram body,
  • seat capacity of stroller,
  • bag,
  • 2 footcovers,
  • 2 hoods for prams and strollers,

Description of the functions of stroller/pram - undercarriage:

  • light and durable aluminium construction,
  • soft and comfortable suspension,
  • air-pumped tyres with ball-bearings front and back,
  • central brake,
  • rotating mechanism of wheels with the application of ball-bearings and the possibility of blocking the wheels,
  • regulation of the height of the handle at a range of 81 cm x 110 cm,
  • mocern and comfortable system for attaching pram body and stroller frame,
  • perfect balancing of the rack ensures a high level of stability and ease of overcoming obstacles,
  • dimensions after folding together with the wheels 81 cm x 60 cm x 29 cm,

Description of the functions of stroller/pram - pram body:

  • made of the highest quality materials,
  • hood with the mechanism of quiet folding,
  • cover, mattress, bag in standard equipment,
  • multi-degree regulation of the backing,
  • function of cradle,
  • padding of pram body removable for washing,
  • internal dimensions of pram body 79,5 cm x 37 cm x 21 cm,

Description of the functions of stroller/pram - stroller:

  • possibility of fixing the stroller at the front or back of the direction of walking,
  • second hood for stroller,
  • footcover in the set,
  • multi-degree regulation of the backing and footrest,
  • stroller has a complete lying position,
  • five-point braces with soft covers,

Car seat Kite - option for a 3in1 pram:

  • the seat meets the European standard ECE R44/04,
  • intended for children weighing from 0 to 13 kg, group 0+,
  • rear-facing car seat installation using safety seat belts or the IsoFIX base,
  • the possibility of attaching the car seat to the stroller frame using adapters,
  • 3-point harness fastening system with central adjustment,
  • handle adjustment in 4 positions,
  • lightweight, additionally, it can be used as a baby carrier or a baby cradle,
  • easy to clean removable upholstery,
  • included: detachable visor, foot cover, adapters for the stroller frame.

Dimension of a pram

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Length [cm] 102 79,5 - - - 81 -
Width [cm] 60 37 - - - 60 -
Height [cm] 108 - - - - 29 -
Depth [cm] - 21 - - - - -
Weight [kg] - 4,9 - 6,3 - 9,5 -
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