Manufacturer of Sleds for Children

As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we specialize in providing high-quality sleds for children that ensure not only joy and fun but also safety during winter adventures in the snow. Our winter sleds for kids are meticulously designed and crafted using durable materials, guaranteeing their longevity and resistance to various weather conditions.

Safety is of paramount importance when choosing a children's sledge. That's why all our sleds are equipped with safety belts to securely hold the child in place and provide additional protection during the ride. Each model features a stable structure that ensures excellent control, maneuverability, and prevents tipping over. Additionally, our sleds come with a comfortable non-slip seat and a removable backrest.

For added convenience, we offer an optional sledge for kids with an insulated sleeping bag and a hood to protect against snowfall.

The set includes a traditional strap for pulling the sled, and in the extended version, a push bar with gloves and a height-adjustable handle. These features guarantee children's comfort, stability, and confidence while sledding.

Discover our wide selection of children's sleds available in various colors and designs. No matter the preferences and tastes of our youngest customers, we have sleds that will exceed their expectations. We are confident that our products will bring your child an abundance of joy and create unforgettable moments in the snow. By choosing our sleds, you prioritize quality, safety, and unforgettable winter adventures. We invite you to explore our offer and find the perfect sledge for your child. Explore our other products: baby prams, strollers, prams for dolls and indoor swings for kids.

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